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Aanhouer wen!

Perseverance pays off, as the franchisor of 3@1 Business Centre can testify with their experience in opening their first outlet in Mauritius during lockdown… “It was late February 2020, just before South Africa’s first nationwide lockdown, when we received an invaluable franchise enquiry to open a 3@1 Business Centre in Mauritius. By mid-March 2020 all ... More →

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What goes into opening a franchise store

Aanhouer wen! If you persist you will succeed 3@1 Franchising is a wholly owned and operated South African company who is specifically promoting the brand for expansion into Africa. “We are already trading with 3, 3@1 Business Centres in Windhoek, 3 in Lusaka and a store in Kampala and now Mauritius,” confirms Chris Dunn, Managing ... More →

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Brand ambassadors fly the 3@1 franchise flag

If your stories are all about your product and services, that’s not story telling. It’s a brochure. Now, we want our story to be about recognising long-term brand ambassadors who faithfully and consistently champion the 3@1 Business Centre franchise brand. As with any growth strategy, referral marketing requires the right mix of strategy, resources, technology, ... More →

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