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How Covid impacted the way we do business. Businesses must operate smarter to stay relevant to stay open with Chris and Belinda Dunn of 3@1 Business Centres.

3@1 Business Centres embarks on International Expansion via the proven method of Master Territory Franchising

The 3@1 Business Centre team is excited to announce that we are now expanding our footprint internationally, granting master territory franchises to operate our concept throughout Europe, The United Kingdom and the World. A Master Franchisee has the exclusive rights to an area to either sub-franchise or open multiple stores within the region and can adapt the 3@1 Business Centre concept to local conditions.

3@1 Business Centre franchise is now able to offer individual store opportunities:



Icon indicating over 21 years experience

Over 21 Years Experience

Since its conception in 1999, the 3@1 Business Centre concept has proven to be an excellent investment opportunity with a healthy rate of return.

Icon indicating over 90 stores in 5 countries

Over 90 Stores in 5 Countries

After the many years of expansion and evolution within South Africa, we have already branched out into Namibia, Zambia, Uganda and now Mauritius.

Icon indicating hit the ground running

Hit the Ground Running

Our tried and tested business model offers an invaluable framework and foundation to reduce pre-launch preparation time for territory franchisees.


Have you got the right stuff?

We’re looking to attract successful, motivated and entrepreneurial business-people to own and operate franchise master licences. It’s a unique opportunity to evolve alongside this growing brand and meet the ever-changing communication and technology needs of the world. Applicants should enjoy building relationships with franchisees and have a passion for helping young businesses succeed.


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3@1 Business Centre Franchise.

3@1 Franchising elected the tried and tested mechanism of master area franchising, to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs, while working to expand their business footprint within their protected territory.


Franchisee Testimonials

Read what some of our successful franchisees have to say about their experience with us and owning and running their own 3@1 store.

"After an exhausting search into many franchise opportunities available to Tania and myself, we decided that the 3@1 model suited both our collective career experience, and our expectations from owning our own business.

After training at an existing store, 3@1 Fourways opened its doors for trading in September 2005 in the recently refurbished and remodelled Leaping Frog Garden Centre in Fourways with a 50m2 footprint.

In 4 years our business had grown so much that we had to expand.

After what is now approaching our 15 year anniversary, the business model has proven to be a success, despite an economy that is far from galloping, the 3@1 business centre service is still growing at a good pace.

Tania & Peter Edwards

Owner operators 3@1 Fourways

"With my financial experience and my husbands IT and computer experience it made sense for us to look at the kind of business offered by 3@1. Neither of us had been in retail or in the printing industry though. The big benefit to us was being offered a turnkey solution where, after training, we were able to literally walk in the door and start trading right away. We have learnt as we went along and adapted the model to suit our surroundings and customer base but the advantage of having the experience and reputation of the franchise behind us has certainly made it much easier. The franchise business partners such as DHL and Kodak also assist in establishing credibility for a new business.

Mary Jones

Owner operator 3@1 Capricorn Park, Muizenberg

"I have always known that I would like to be an business owner. Partially due to the fact that I would like to be of service to others, that I would like to offer a service/s that really adds value to the community and that I would also like to be financially independent. Owning a business is certainly not for everyone. One really needs to have grit and determination to succeed. The state of economy adds to the pressure but one has to be resourceful in order to overcome.

This business has allowed/given me a platform to be creative. The journey can be very fulfilling on many levels.

I am so grateful every morning when I am able to open my 3@1 Business Centre store's doors, I realize that I am privilidged to work for myself. This business will certainly reward those that put in the effort. What you put in is what you get out at the end of the day.

One most certainly is able to make a success of this business if one follows the guidelines set out by Belinda and Chris' team.

Carina Raats

Owner operator 3@1 Cosmo

"I must admit, at first, I was nervous to take on such a daunting investment which meant gaining a lot of responsibility. After extensive research and investigation into businesses on the market, I decided to take the plunge! Three years down the line and I’m glad I did (although it’s unclear what the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic will have on all businesses), but we’re ready to adapt to the changed business landscape post Covid-19.

My first challenge, which ultimately turned into an achievement was to show my employees that I am committed to the growth and expansion of the business, as well as providing them with the correct tools and equipment to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. This meant a further investment into advanced equipment and machines. Another proud moment was a 27% turnover growth within the first year of operation. Looking for ways to further grow the business, increase customer service/satisfaction and alternative marketing methods remain our constant focus.

There is a lot of responsibility on a business owner’s shoulders - employees are dependent on their job security, you need to ensure your business remains successful and ensure that you’re exceeding customer service, but it’s also rewarding to know that you are providing jobs, personal growth opportunities and a service to your community. Something I really enjoy is the interactions with customers and getting to know our regulars.

It has been a blessing having a franchisor behind my business; providing back office support, advise and negotiating supplier contracts. It is great to be part of the 3@1 family!

Yolonde Overton

Owner operator 3@1 Stellenbosch Square

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